English Program, Beyond the Classroom

Kelli Weston



Internship at Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association

Interns majoring in Writing for Print and Digital Media spent a year working for the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance. Their work included writing for the SIBA website and its social media platforms, assisting at SIBA’s trade show, and interviewing dozens of authors for SIBA’s newsletter, the Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book.

Third Party Forum

During primary and election seasons for the gubernatorial and presidential races, student bloggers, videographers, and reporters follow candidates and issues. Third-party candidates aired their views in a campus forum; students selected candidates to cover.


Columbia College and the University of South Carolina celebrate French culture with Cine-Cola, which provides students access to French-language films, experts and performers.

Beatnik Coffeehouse

Bloggers, poets and writers of short stories, essays and memoirs read their work each semester at the Beatnik Coffeehouse.  We wear black, drink coffee, snap our fingers and murmur, “Cool,” as we celebrate good writing.

Meet Kara Anderson

Kara Anderson – drummer, athlete, and videographer – keeps track of CC students via video.


The Hunger Challenge 

An SCETV producer and documentary filmmaker teaches our videography classes, and student videographers film short docs on nonprofits, celebrities, and events for on- and off- campus clients.


 Sometimes an Internship Leads to a Job

Lydia Royals, who completed internships at The State Newspaper and Sisters of Charity, dazzled the foundation with her social media skills – and was hired!