Dance Scholarships and Honors

Dance Scholarships

The Columbia College  Dance Program offers competitive scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer dance majors. These scholarships are available for renewal during the sophomore, junior, and senior years. Scholarships are awarded through auditions during the annual Dance Open House. Applicants who cannot attend the Open House may contact the Program Coordinator to schedule an audition by appointment.

A scholarship holder must demonstrate:

  1. A high level of technique and professionalism
  2. Leadership within and outside of the dance major
  3. Collegiality in all interactions
  4. Attendance at all mandatory Department of Dance events

A deficiency in these categories or change of major to a program other than Dance may result in the elimination of the dance scholarship award. All dance scholarship holders are required to attend one of the two movement classes during the annual Open House weekend in order to renew their scholarships for the following year.

The Columbia College Financial Aid Office offers all families assistance in creating financial aid packages based on need and eligibility.

Endowed Scholarships and Honor Awards

Endowed Scholarships and Honor Awards may be offered to sophomore, junior, and senior dance majors in acknowledgment of their growth in professionalism, leadership, collegiality, artistry, service, and character. These awards bring a high degree of visibility and honor to young dance professionals building portfolios.

Endowed Scholarships:

  • The Melanie Gulledge Endowed Scholarship Fund (S205) – Members of the Columbia College Dance Company select a dance major whose spirit of compassion and concern leads her to demonstrate high ethical and moral character in all aspects of her life. Friends and family of Delores and Van Gulledge established this scholarship in 1991 to honor the memory of their daughter Melanie.
  • The Debi Turbeville Endowed Scholarship Fund (S080) – This scholarship is awarded annually by members of the dance faculty for outstanding leadership within the Columbia College Dance Company. It was established in 1972 by the friends of Columbia College student Debi Turbeville to honor her memory.


  • The Debi Turbeville Honor is awarded by dance majors to a Columbia College Dance Company member for her leadership.
  • The Sylvia Davis Honor is awarded by the dance faculty to a Columbia College Dance Company member for her outstanding service. Mrs. Sylvia Davis began the first dance classes at Columbia College in the early 1970s.
  • The Libby Patenaude First-Year Honor is awarded by the dance faculty to an outstanding first-year dance major. Mrs. Patenaude served as Chair of the Dance Department and established the Columbia College Dance degrees from 1976-1998.
  • CCdanceLab’s Improviser of the Year Award recognizes a Columbia College dance artist who exemplifies a high experiential aptitude based on notable dedication to the art and practice of improvisation within creative processes, performances, and community jams.