Are you a:

  • General education teacher wanting to become certified in Special education?
  • Special education teacher assistant or other full time district employee with 60 hours or more in an undergraduate degree?
  • Special education teacher with restricted certificates or PACE?

If so, then SC CREATE and Columbia College are for you!

What is SC CREATE?

Initially funded in 2003-2004 by the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of Exceptional Children, with additional funding provided by the Division of Educator Quality and Leadership, the chief mission of CREATE is to grow a highly qualified special education teacher force in the State’s public schools. Through a partnership with leading colleges and universities in South Carolina, all with NCATE/State-approved teacher preparation programs in special education, the project underwrites course tuition and textbook costs for qualified individuals to obtain add-on, alternative, or initial certification in special education.

How is Columbia College involved in SC CREATE?

Columbia College is partnering with the South Carolina Department of Education by offering courses and degree programs for qualified candidates. To determine if you qualify to participate in SC CREATE, visit and complete the “how to qualify” questionnaire Once completed, you will be informed as to whether or not you qualify for the program and the next steps to becoming a participant. Please contact, Dr. Tracy West, Campus Director for Project CREATE at Columbia College at or 803-786-3320 with questions and for more information.

How will you benefit by becoming involved in SC CREATE at Columbia College?

You will benefit by being involved in a learning environment at Columbia College that supports the working, non-traditional student. In addition to the tuition and book assistance provided by CREATE, Columbia College has a wide range or resources and opportunities to support and enhance your academic experience. To learn more, please contact Dr. Tracy West, Campus Director for SC CREATE at Columbia College at or 803-786-3320 with questions and for more information.