Contact the Education Department

(803) 786-3747
FAX (803) 786-3034

Dr. Chris Burkett
Head, Division of Education
Associate Professor of Education
(803) 786-3784


Dr. Sandra (Sandy) Ayers
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education;
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education
(803) 786-3659

Jessica R. Berry, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor of Speech Language Pathology

Kathy Coskrey
Director of Field Experiences
(803) 786-3901

Dr. Kim Crass
Assistant Professor of Speech Language Pathology
(803) 786-3176

Dr. Carol Hoyle
Assistant Professor of Special Education
(803) 786-3610

Carol Knight
Administrative Assistant
(803) 786-3747

Dr. James C. (Jim) Lane
Professor of Elementary Education;
Program Coordinator, Elementary Education
(803) 786-3568

Dr. Doris Giles Layton
Associate Professor of Education;
Director of M.Ed. Program in Divergent Learning;
Program Coordinator, Divergent Learning
(803) 786-3905
FAX (803) 786-3184

Dr. Lynne S. Noble
Professor of Early Childhood Education
(803) 786-3435

Dr. Marla Sanders
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
(803) 786-3067

Dr. Tracy West
Associate Professor of Special Education;
Program Coordinator, Special Education
(803) 786-3320