Computer, Information Science

The Computer and Information Science curriculum provides students with the theory, analysis, design and implementation of processes that manipulate and transform information. Courses include:

  • Objected-oriented programming (1 yr),
  • Hardware and software issues,
  • Systems analysis and design,
  • Database management,
  • Networking, and
  • Choices from web design and other applications
  • An internship or senior project
Computer Science Concentration (BS Only)
For students who plan to pursue graduate work or careers as a computer scientist, this concentration prepares them with more programming and theoretical or mathematical foundations that are necessary for computer science.
Information Science Concentration (BA, BS)
This concentration is for students who plan to pursue careers in information technology in business, or industry such as database management, web development, networking or other jobs.  Students are required to take appropriate business courses. 
CIS Minor
Students with majors other than CIS may choose to minor in CIS.  Requirements are 18 hours of CIS courses numbered 140 and above.
Note: CIS degrees are offered in both Women's College and the Evening Programs.