Choral Music Activities

At Columbia College, students may pursue large or small group vocal performance in one of our outstanding ensembles. For academic credit, students may sing with the Columbia College Chorus or the Columbia College Concert Choir. As an extracurricular activity, students may audition in order to perform in the Hi-C’s, Columbia Collge’s vocal jazz ensemble.

Every fall semester Columbia College vocal students collaborate in order to host the annual CC Choral Clinic. Over sixty high school students visit our campus and stay with Columbia College students for this special weekend. The Clinic culminates in a performance at College Place United Methodist Church. In addition, students direct and produce opera scenes which are performed for participants, students, and faculty on the first evening of the CC Choral Clinic. Every spring semester, the vocal music program produces a music theater production involving not only vocal music students, but students from other majors and areas, such as dance and theater.

There are countless ways to get involved with these efforts, and there is always something happening in the music building. We hope you’ll come join us!

Columbia College Chorus

The Columbia College Chorus is the College’s open enrollment ensemble. No audition or experience is necessary in order to join this group–participants represent many different majors and areas of study across campus. This ensemble performs each semester in Chapel, and at the fall and spring choral concerts. Students who sing in Chorus have the opportunity to develop music literacy skills and basic vocal technique while studying music that represents a variety of cultures and time periods.

“In Chorus, you learn how to read music and enjoy it. It’s the experience of a lifetime. You feel like you’re in a big musical family.” — Adriana Kelly

“Seriously, we learn a lot and have a good time. The literature touches your soul.” — Diamond Donehue

“First of all, I like the instructor. She not only teaches us the technical things, but she tells stories and gives examples to help us feel the music and understand it. And on top of that, the people that are in Chorus are great. It’s just fun!” — Raina Wallace

“I like how you don’t have to audition for Chorus, so you’re not put under the pressure of whether you’re good or bad. I also like that there are a variety of vocal abilities present and yet we come together to sound as one.” — Monica Henai

Columbia College Concert Choir

The Columbia College Concert Choir is open to students by audition. Most music majors and minors are members of Concert Choir, as well as participants from other majors and areas. This ensemble performs each semester in Chapel and at the fall and spring choral concerts. Students who sing in Concert Choir have the opportunity to develop advanced music literacy skills and advanced vocal technique while studying music representing a variety of cultures and time periods.

“I love being with all of the students and just singing. I’ve really never had a sisterhood like that before.” — Catherine Sturgeon

“Choir is fun, but I’ve found that it is a learning experience, too. I’m really learning a lot. And I love the literature because it makes you cry (in a good way).” — Naserian Windom

“Singing in Choir not only gives you a sense of community, but it educates you musically in a fun way.” — Amanda Jo Shirley

“Okay, I love the instructor. I’m not a great sight-reader, but I’m getting better. Dr. Johnston breaks the literature down so that someone who doesn’t know anything can understand. I love Choir!” — LaToya Adams

Columbia College Hi-C's

The Hi-C’s are the Music Program’s smallest vocal ensemble. The focus of the group is vocal jazz, and the nine-voice ensemble is open to music students by audition during the fall semester. The group travels and represents Columbia College both on and off campus and functions as a professional ensemble in the community. In addition to performing for campus events, they carol during the holiday season and perform a dinner theater called Tapas during the spring semester.

“I saw the Hi-C’s perform when I was in middle school. That is what helped bring me to Columbia College and gave me the desire to join the group.” — Felicia Torres

“The Hi-C’s ensemble gives students the chance to shine.” — Ryann Padgett

“We are not just a choir, we are the elite voices of the college.” — Eryka Singleton

“I love jazz. All that jazz.” — Brianna Kelly