Collegiate Academic Advising

Advisor’s Roles and Responsibilities
  Role of a Faculty Advisor
  Role of a Career Coach
  Role of a CC Mentor

Student’s Roles and Responsibilities
  Academic Advising Preparation
  Career Advising Preparation
 Professional Advising Preparation

College’s Roles and Responsibilities

Goal of Academic Advising

*Please note that it is the responsibility of each student to monitor her academic progress and make sure that the requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

The goal of collegiate advising at Columbia College is to guide students in appropriate course selection, help students stay on track and serve as professional mentors through the undergraduate learning process. Advisors are also encouraged to use this time to help students plan more holistically for their futures in the careers they have selected. All incoming students at Columbia College are introduced to a team of advisors (personal Board of Directors), consisting of a Faculty Advisor, Career Coach, and a Professional Mentor. Students are expected to meet with all members of their advising team every semester, prior to early enrollment for the next semester.

Advisor’s Roles and Responsibilities

Role of a Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors provide students information about course rotations, course requirements and appropriate sequencing of courses as well as providing general academic advice and support.

To that end, the faculty advisor will:

  1. Be available to meet with each student each semester to review her academic progress.
  2. Explain institutional policies and procedures, general education, major, and graduation requirements.
  3. Help each student evaluate her academic progress realistically and suggest appropriate courses for the coming semester(s).
  4. Be informed of academic requirements and prerequisites as well as course rotations that are specific to the program in which the student is majoring.
  5. Help students to develop decision-making skills, self-evaluation skills, and a suitable career/educational plan.

*Additional Academic Advising Resources/Articles for Faculty


Role of a Career Coach

Career Coaches at Columbia College are committed to assisting students in career and/or graduate school exploration to ensure they are professionally prepared to be a more productive, effective, and desired talent in the workforce and their communities. Activities center on a four-year comprehensive plan to provide a transformative and individualized experience for each student.

To that end, the career coach will:

  1. Assess each student’s career interests, strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes in order to establish career/professional goals.
  2. Track students’ progress towards these goals over their four years. 
  3. Provide information about areas of study and corresponding career options so that students choose appropriate majors, minors, and concentrations. 
  4. Host and encourage students to take advantage of on/off campus career development workshops and opportunities. 
  5. Provide ongoing support to successfully implement the student’s individualized career plan.


Role of a Columbia College Mentor

The Mentor Program is designed to aid our young women in fostering meaningful, real-world connections. It is our belief that young women need mentors and flourish when they have access to outside perspectives that come with their best interest in mind.

To that end, the mentor will:

  1. Foster meaningful, consistent, professional and ethical relationships.
  2. Help the student to learn more about varying career choice and work/life balance.
  3. Guide the student’s plans toward career preparation and/or advanced study goals.
  4. Model appropriate professional dress and etiquette.
  5. Share experiences with the student that may help to shape her educational/professional career.

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Student’s Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that it is the responsibility of each student to monitor her academic progress and make sure that the requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

Academic Advising Preparation

  Students will:

  1. Arrange a meeting with her faculty advisor during advisement each semester according to the advisor’s availability.
  2. Complete the Pre-Advising Session Worksheet (located on KC) and come to the advising meeting with suggested classes based on the current course schedule.
  3. Inform the advisor of schedule changes, course withdrawals, early alerts, and other unexpected events in her progress during the semester.
  4. Complete the Registration Agreement online form and Personal Information form (located on KC) prior to the advising appointment.
  5. Complete registration for each semester during the allotted time for her classification.
  6. Have no outstanding charges in the business office which will inhibit pre-registration or registration.
  7. Meet all requirements for the anticipated degree as stated in the Academic Bulletin.
  8. Coordinate requirements of various programs when seeking a minor(s) or a double major.

Career Advising Preparation

  Students will:

  1. Arrange a meeting with her Career Coach within the first few weeks of the semester.
  2. Foster confidence to develop self-knowledge related to career choices.
  3. Exhibit courage to seek out career and educational planning and information.
  4. Show commitment to take responsibility for developing career decisions, employment, and/or graduate and professional school plans.
  5. Build competence to manage their careers upon graduation.

Professional Advising/Preparation

  Students will:

  1. Plan to attend the Mentor/Mentee matching event in the fall semester and correspond with their mentor at least 4 more times before the end of the semester.      
  2. Strive to foster a meaningful, consistent, professional and ethical relationship.
  3. Learn more about their mentor’s position, company, and industry.
  4. Allow their mentor to guide their plans toward career preparation and/or advanced study goals.
  5. Receive feedback on ways to grow professionally.

College’s Roles and Responsibilities

  The college will:

  1. Assign each student an academic advisor and a career coach.
  2. Provide exposure to a group mentoring experience with an option to opt-in to a One-on-One experience.
  3. Provide an accurate listing of course requirements in a printed Bulletin (available for purchase in the bookstore)
  4. Provide an accurate listing of course requirements for each major on the Web site.
  5. Maintain an electronic program evaluation system for students and advisors to use as they monitor the student’s progress toward graduation.
  6. Provide each senior student an update on progress toward graduation listing specific requirements that still must be completed.


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