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2016 Mentor Handbook

This handbook contains the goals, policies, procedures, etc for the Columbia College Mentoring Program.
Mentoring Forms


1st Meeting Form

Both mentor and mentee should fill out one of these at your first meeting. This form contains information gathering, relationship parameters and goal setting questions.

FERPA Form      This form allows the mentor to obtain contact information on the mentee.  Both are required to sign this form and turn in to the Center for Academic and Professional Advising in the Ariail House.

Conversation   Guide This guide will aid the mentor and mentee to start their relationship by engaging in collaborative conversation. 

Mentoring Articles

Mentoring: An Essential Leadership Skill – from

Mentoring is an essential leadership skill. In addition to managing and motivating people, it’s also important that you can help others learn, grow and become more …


The 8 Qualities of a Strong Mentor

This article is about building a support system which allows for conversation, exchanging ideas and constructive advice. Although the article is geared more toward a work/supervision mentoring relationship the 8 qualities still hold true for a student/professional relationship. Building trust, being an active listener and a cheerleader are just a few of the qualities covered in the article that can make a huge difference in your mentee’s experience. (read more…)


Building Effective Mentoring Partnerships

As a mentor you can provide in two different ways: through constructive feedback or through praise and criticism. Constructive feedback is far superior in helping the mentee gain valuable information about him or herself and, done properly, it can go a long way in boosting self-confidence and building rapport. (read more…)


20 Great Ideas for Work mentoring activities

So you’ve been asked to be a mentor for someone – that’s great! But what exactly do you do as a career mentor? This article contains a list of some suggested training and mentoring activities that you and your mentee can use as inspiration.

Mentoring Videos


The above video link is from the August 2016 Mentor Training Workshop.  This will take you to our Online Mentor Training page where you can view this video. If you were not able to make the training session or have recently joined the program, this is a great way to learn what the program is all about and give you some details of the two mentoring options avaiable. 


Success Story Videos: The following video is from our 2016 Mentor/Mentee Appreciation Dinner. This video shows first hand how being a mentor can have a tremendous impact on a student’s life.

 (coming soon)



Mentoring Tips

Reflections on the One-on-One Mentoring Session
Reflecting is an important part of any learning. Take time after each mentoring session to think about:

  • What went well?
  • Where did we get stuck?
  • What can we do differently?
  For Mentors:
  • Was I prepared? On time? Engaged?
  • Did I appropriately answer the questions my mentee had for me?  Was I honest? Did I listen?
  • Did I encourage my mentee to explore her own ideas for answers?
  • Did I challenge her to think?
  • How did I help my mentee today?


Training Videos


Video 1: Being a Columbia College mentor




Video 2: How To Mentor Someone: A 3-Minute Crash Course 



Video 3: Mentoring: How to be an effective mentor



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