Destra Capers Class of 2016: Interning at the Office of Professional Studies


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Whether you are applying to graduate school or for a job, there is no substitute for real work experience on your resume. While students often research and coordinate their own intership opportunities,The Center for Applied Learning in the Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence and your academic advisor can help point you in the right direction for an amazing variety of internship opportunities ranging from local government agencies and private businesses to national entities based in Washington, D.C. Columbia College students are frequently placed in some of the most sought-after interships available.

Local internships may be coordinated in conjunction with your semester class schedule or over the summer. Of course, internships in Washington, D.C., and other locations, often take place over the summer.  It’s not unusual for Columbia College students to do multiple internships over the course of their college years.
Katherine Branning Class of 2017, Social Work Association Treasurer  Orientation Leader: Interning with SC Department  Of Health and  Human Services
Internships provide students with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained through their studies to a work setting.  During the semester students are required to reflect upon their experience and the personal challenges they face in practicing and redefining their own leadership skills. 
For additional information, students should contact the Center for Applied Learning.  Internship requirements differ by major, so it is important to coordinate closely with your advisor to ensure that you meet the requirements to qualify for credit hours. 
Some of the benefits of an internship experience include:

  • Valuable training for new skills
  • Opportunities to evaluate a particular job or industry
  • Establishment of a network of professionals in your field of interest
  • Opportunity to receive academic credit and/or pay
  • Potential full-time job offer
Laura Maurer Class of 2017, Momentum Scholar C’ster Golf team:Interning with Palmetto Autism Associates in Greenville, SC

Columbia College students have access to C2Success, an online jobs and internships database where they can search through all of the internships offered to CC students. Last year alone, we posted over 100 unique internship opportunities in a wide array of career fields and programs of study. Additionally, as students work individually with the Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence through either the Center for Applied Learning or in conjunction with their career coaches in the Center for Career Coaching and Professional Development, students are often personally matched with internships that align with and prepare them for their career goals.

Students at Columbia College are completing internships at a variety of places in the Columbia area, including:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Columbia City Mayor’s Fellows
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport
  • Epworth Early Intervention Center
  • Girl Scouts of the Midlands
  • Palmetto Autism Interventions
  • Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands
  • SLED
  • South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
  • South Carolina Hospital Association
  • South Carolina State Employees Association
  • Springleaf Financial
  • Staples, Inc.
  • Tapps Art Center
  • The Babcock Center
  • The Cooperative Ministry
  • The Taylor Agency
  • W.S. Reamer, CPA
and many more!
Read about our student interning with the Taylor Agency in Charleston, South Carolina.
If you are interested in completing an internship, please fill out the pre-appointment form at the top of the page. Erin Carlson can also be contacted at
If you are a business, organization, or community group who is interested in posting your available internship positions for Columbia College students, please complete the Internship offering form.