Religious Ethical and Cultural Studies

Major in Religion and Philosophy (BA)
Program Coordinator, Heather Hahn, PhD

The academic study of philosophy and religion prepares students to respond to changing times, drawing from ancient wisdom traditions. We integrate traditional learning with creative approaches, encouraging students to question what constitutes a just society and to take up an active role in improving their world. Graduates of our program can go on to become lawyers, librarians, publicists, campus religious directors, church camp directors, editors, doctors, diplomats, foreign service officers, mediators, ministers or pastors, missionaries, political activists, religious educators, and professors, to name but a few professional opportunities.
Courses offerings include pressing topics like the Abrahamic religions and the Middle East, as well as the growing influence of eastern philosophy in the West. We teach Augustine and Irigaray alongside the philosophy of tattoos and the theology of The Hunger Games. Our students learn to write clear and compelling arguments, to practice civil discourse on hot-button issues, and to reflect and act upon the challenge of citizenship in the modern world.

Minor in Ethics
Program Coordinator, Heather Hahn, PhD

Students who minor in Ethics are given the tools to negotiate the moral dilemmas of the modern world by taking courses in both theoretical and applied ethics. The program is interdisciplinary, as ethical dilemmas arise in all parts of life. For example, business ethics and professional ethics address ethical decision-making in the workplace. The Minor in Ethics demonstrates a willingness to think critically, to realize that reasonable minds can disagree, and a desire to make informed decisions. The minor is great preparation for medical school, law school, graduate school, or any place of employment seeking employees who bring knowledge of ethics to their work.

Minor in Philosophy
Program Coordinator, Heather Hahn, PhD

Minors in philosophy enjoy thinking about the big picture through the lens of philosophy. Philosophy courses emphasize reading the original works of philosophers, examining philosophical ideas in the context of their historical period and its prevailing assumptions, and learning to think critically and philosophically. A minor in philosophy is excellent preparation for law school, seminary, graduate work in the humanities or social sciences, public service, or teaching.

Minor in Religion
Program Coordinator, Catherine Unterseher, Ph.D.

Courses in religion acquaint students with the critical, reflective study of religion in its many cultural, literary and historical manifestations. Contemporary leaders in our global world require sensitivity to religious and cultural diversity, awareness of ethical values, and an understanding of the spiritual dimension of human life. A religion minor helps to prepare students for leadership roles in a variety of professional fields.



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