Minor in Applied Computing


A minor in applied computing adds a valuable technology underpinning to student’s existing course of study, better preparing them to thrive in today’s global digital marketplace. The various tracks of this multidisciplinary minor are designed to prepare students for success in today’s technology-driven world.

Students from all disciplines can get a minor in applied computing which helps them enter the workforce with a competitive edge. For example, students pursuing medicine need to understand digital medical records systems. A student in political science should know how to set up a blog or online fundraising campaigns.

Requirements for a Applied Computing minor : 18 semester hours including Computer and Information Science 109 or 110, Computer and Information Science 230, and the completion of one of the following tracks.

Business Track
BUS 303 Principles of Marketing
BUS 310 e-Business
BUS 320 Marketing Analysis
BUS 350 Computer Applications of Business

Business Analytics Track
CIS 111  An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basics
CIS 350  Database Management Systems
BUS 353 Introduction to Business Analytics
BUS 409  Data Visulaization 

Insurance Technology Track
BUS 190G  Fundamentals of Rish Management and Insurance
BUS 290E  Data Visualization
BUS 340  System Analysis and Design
One of:CIS 111, An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic, or CIS 470, Internship

Science Track*
MATH 140 Statistics
CIS 211 Programming I
One of:
BIO 120 Epidemiology or PS 132 Oceanography
One of BIO 240 Ecology or BIO 381 Genetics

Web Development Track
CIS 111 An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic
CIS 350 Database Management Systems
CIS 430 Advanced Web Development
One of:
BUS 310 e-Business or WRIT 350 Introduction to Narrative with Digital Video

Writing for Digital Media Track*
WRIT 200 Introduction to Reporting for Print and Digital Media
9 semesters hours chosen from:
WRIT 150 Blogging
WRIT 330 Writing for Digital Media
WRIT 350 Introduction to Narrative with Digital Video
WRIT 355 Media and Law
WRIT 425 Intermediate-Level Narrative with Digital Video

For more information, contact program coordinator Dr. Madeleine Schep at 803-786-3714 or mschep@nullcolumbiasc.edu. Learn more about this collaborative effort through coursepower.