The quality of the educational experience is largely the product of who is teaching in the classroom. Faculty members at Columbia College teach 100% of undergraduate courses.

Students who are intellectually driven and want to be involved in learning outside the classroom will thrive. Learning requires action, getting out of your seat, and taking on career-building activities.

The College currently offers 35 undergraduate majors in a wide array of challenging fields. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then design your own major using our innovative contractual studies program.

There are five academic divisions and the Honors Program:

Division of Arts

The following areas of study are offered:

Division of Behavioral Studies & Human Inquiry

The following areas of study are offered:

  •  Behavioral Science
  • Child and Family Studies (Services to Children and Families or Family Law and Social Advocacy concentrations)
  • Community and Organizational Leadership
  • Criminal Justice (General Criminal Justice, Leadership/Risk Management, or Forensic concentrations)
  • Human Services
  • Philosophy (minor only)
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

Division of Business, Mathematics, and Sciences

The following areas of study are offered:

Division of Education

The following areas of study are offered:

Division of Communication, Language, and Literature

The following areas of study are offered:

The Honors Program

The Columbia College Honors Program provides an enriching academic experience for outstanding students committed to excellence. The fundamental assumption of an honors education is that the honors student will continue to challenge her intellectual limits, working seriously and creatively to reach her highest potential as a scholar, reflective learner, individual thinker, and leader.

For more information about choosing a major at Columbia College, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 803-786-3871 or 800-277-1301.