Center for Academic & Professional Advising

Academic and professional advising is the foundation of success for the women at Columbia College. This center coordinates our unique “Personal Board of Directors” program, which is a 4-year, comprehensive mentoring and advising program featuring a collaborative team of faculty members, career coaches, alumnae and business community leaders, selected for each first-year student. The focus of this program is solely on developing our young women scholars into leaders and network builders.

Our mission is to supplement the undergraduate curriculum experience by providing students a wealth of individual support and varied learning opportunities that complement degree program requirements and that facilitate the highest level of undergraduate academic excellence.

The center supports the college’s 3-credit hour orientation course (LA 100) by ensuring the experience is a unique introduction to college, careers and professional behaviors. Student-centered support ranges from academic skills development to peer mentoring and is the hub of retention and academic progression systems. This center also provides academic and social support for students with documented disabilities.

Additional Services

For more information contact Chanté Clarkson, Director of the Center for Academic & Professional Advising.