News/Media Info

Guidelines for News Media Visiting Campus 

Columbia College welcomes media representatives to our campus. Prior to arrival, we strongly encourage media representatives to notify the office of public relations and facilitate the visit by calling (803) 786-3298. Unauthorized visitors may be stopped by campus police, as the campus is private property.

Columbia College provides the news media reasonable access to campus. However, the College may regulate media access so as not to disrupt teaching or research; to protect the health and safety of students and staff; to protect the privacy of students and others who live on campus; and to comply with state and federal laws on student and personnel data.

Parking: Reporters and news crews may park in Parking Lot A (corner of Colonial Drive and Columbia College Drive) or call the public relations department to coordinate alternative parking. If your vehicle is not marked with a station or publication logo, place a media business card on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Although vehicles are generally not permitted on the interior campus, limited vehicle access closer to certain buildings can be arranged through the public relations office. 

Classrooms: Reporters, photographers and news crews may be able to visit a class. In fairness to instructors and to respect the privacy of students, please make advance arrangements with the public relations office.

Residence and dining halls: Any reporter or news crew wanting to interview, photograph or record inside residence halls or Student Union must first be approved by the dean of students, and must then be accompanied by an assigned escort while in these halls. Time in the halls may be limited. For further information or to make arrangments, please contact Monique McDaniels at 803-786-3551.