Columbia College Announces New Scholarship Honoring Community Leader Judy Davis

Columbia College announces the establishment of a scholarship for incoming, first-year students in memory of Judy Davis, Columbia businesswoman and community leader.

The Judith Monastra Davis Leadership Scholarship will award a $10,000 scholarship for fall 2017 to a first­year, incoming student in the women's college. The recipient is eligible to receive the scholarship for four years at Columbia College. The success of students who otherwise may not receive scholarship funds but who, nonetheless, are studious and filled with desire to excel was something important to Judy.

"The initial scholarship fund of close to a quarter of a million dollars was made possible by a generous gift from Judy's husband, Jerry, a core group of Judy's close friends, known as 'Team Judy' and others in the com­munity," said President Elizabeth Dinndorf.

"Judy Davis cared deeply about the success of others, and this scholarship will support an initiative that gave her great joy: helping deserving young women achieve their full potential."

Davis served as vice chair of the Columbia College board of trustees and as an interviewer for the college's Momentum scholarship, which is awarded to students who serve their communities, exhibit leadership quali­ties, and are determined and motivated to excel in college and beyond. These are the same qualities that the recipient of the Judith Monastra Davis Leadership Scholarship will exhibit and that Judy Davis exemplified in her personal and professional life.

Increasing the number of Davis Scholars is on the horizon in the coming year as the work to honor Judy has only just begun.

To learn more about the Davis Leadership Scholarship or to donate, visit the Columbia College website at or