Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors serves Columbia College with excellent counsel and support for the College’s programs, initiatives, and most pressing needs. The Board’s priorities include but are not limited to supporting the President in her primary initiatives, fundraising and friend-raising, nominating worthy students for the Momentum Scholarship, supporting the Institute for Leadership & Professional Excellence, assisting the Admissions team with recruitment of prospective students, and promoting the College to their personal and professional networks.


Mrs. Beth Roberts Baxley ’84
2015-2016 Chair

Mrs. Marsha Steele Moore ’70
Former Chair

2015-2016 Members
Mrs. Gina Warren Buzby ’83
Mrs. Jennifer Bishop Cameron ’93
Mrs. Ruth Anne McCarter Collins ’68
Dr. Beverly Williams Daniel ’74
Dr. Delores D. Gulledge
Mrs. Cile Purcell Hursey ’76
Dr. Mary Hewitt Marshall ’61
Mrs. Lynn Stokes Murray ’83
Ms. Margie Thomas Pizarro Esq. ’02 Evening
Reverend Mollie Bame Reddic ’00
Reverend Rebecca Joyner Shirley ’84
Mrs. Mary Addis Shivar ’95
Ms. Judy B. Small
Mrs. Tina Poucher Stokes ’78
The Honorable Kaymani Daniels West ’97 Evening


Nominations for the Board of Visitors may be submitted here.