Internships & Study Away Opportunities


Internships, job-shadowing, research, and other experiential learning opportunities are available to all Columbia College students. They are the difference-makers—the differentiators-that make our students stand out from others in an ultra-competitive job market. Students have the chance to really see how what they are studying is in the ‘real world’, and they are gaining valuable experience to make them active, contributing members to any workforce from their first day on the job.

Study Abroad: Language and Culture Immersion

Columbia College has two wonderful programs for students who wish to fully immerse themselves in both the culture and the language during an international experience. Students can choose to spend a summer or a semester in Spain or France while increasing their languages abilities and getting to see the culture, communities, and customs from the inside out.

International Exchange Programs

Columbia College has long-standing relationships with several partner universities, and our relationships keep growing! Students can get an international experience while studying and taking courses in English in a variety of programs of study.

Washington, D.C. Semester

Our students have a unique opportunity to live and study in one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the world—Washington, D. C.! Students complete internships with compelling and influential organizations while taking coursework to learn more about the history and current culture of our nation’s capital.